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JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s I Will Protect You, MR-Removed Version Appears. The Sweet Whispering. “Indeed~”

The MR-removed version of I Will Protect You, the OST to the SBS TV drama Protect the Boss sung by group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong, is the talk of the town. I Will Protect You, which was revealed on the airing on the 10th of Protect the Boss and subsequently on a variety of online digital music sites, have conquered in one breath the music sites and such and have become the hot issue.

However, the thing that is gaining as much popularity as the digital music is the MR-removed version of I Will Protect You. This is spreading with great speed through online communities.

It was created immediately after the broadcast by a fan, who posted it with the words “I made an MR-removed version because I wanted to hear Kim Jaejoong’s voice.” In the MR-removed version, Kim Jaejoong’s beautiful voice can be heard even better and the sorrowful feeling was compounded, thus receiving the popularity of the netizens.

The netizens who heard it are showing responses such as: “It is more moving to listen to it with MR removed.” “I cannot say anything except ‘indeed… (this is Kim Jaejoong).’” “This is a live that is not ashamed despite the MR-removal.”

Here is the MR-removed version as talked about above!

Source: ENews24; 차본 of Protect the Boss DC Gallery, 차본 님; VisualJYJ

Translation Credit: JYJ3