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CNBLUE are the 3rd reported case where a Korean group was denied entry to Japan due to visa problems. FNC Music told 10Asia that CNBLUE arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on August 31st and were denied entry into the country as the group were not issued Visas.

According to FNC Music, “CNBLUE’s agency in Japan informed us that the boys did not need a Visa for this visit since it was for unprofitable reasons but the customs office rejected their entry saying that they will need a Visa because their activities will lead to future profits later on.”

CNBLUE were scheduled to meet various media outlets for interviews for their upcoming Japanese single release, and were also scheduled to shoot their music video for the single on September 1st. FNC Music added that CNBLUE is still at Haneda Airport, but their activities will most likely be rescheduled.

According to laws in Japan, Korea can enter Japan on a 90-day no-Visa term if they are planning to vacation. However, they must have Visas if they are there for profitable activities such as performing at concerts.

Nearly two weeks ago at Haneda Aiport, BEAST and F.CUZ also experienced Visa problems. While F.CUZ were eventually allowed entry in the country after waiting more than 7 hours in customs, BEAST returned to Korea. F.CUZ’s management did not understand why they had encountered problems as there were nothing wrong with the paperwork for the Visas.

Cube Entertainment had reported that they had applied for BEAST’s Visas ahead of time, but the Visas were not issued. It was later revealed that BEAST’s Japanese agency had told Cube Entertainment BEAST did not need a Visa to enter Japan, as entertainers could enter without Visas.

Source: 10Asia
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